Information on this site has been moved to the HiQ website. This site will be retired at the end of Semester 1, 2018.

Preparing for uni

Understanding your course

Everything from understanding your course and the academic calendar, to planning your enrolment. We're here to help you navigate the academic world at QUT.

Finding your way on campus

Looking for GP-Z411? Break the room code, where to get help and how to stay safe on campus.

Online tools and QUT app

Learn about all the online tools available at QUT, including our app.

Get books and study materials

Buy your books and materials online or on campus.

Social media

Connect with us through social media channels at QUT.

Managing your money

Check out our tips to help you manage your money effectively and keep expenses to a minimum.

Studying effectively

Learn how to make the most of your time, manage stress, form a study group or join a peer program.